Reconstruction..... the 12, brokeness, holiness, winning souls, raising up leaders, all day....24/7

Our Focus

Cleansing Call
24/7 Plan
Daily Reading Plan
Secular Music (DEAD)

We are going to the nations


Purpose and Vision


To have a complete love for God (Matt. 22:37); a desire to go a higher level in God, and to be able to stand and say that I am a child of the most high God (1 Peter 3:15); to be more than just saved but full of the Holy Sprit and walking in it (1 John 2:6); to be able to encourage one another daily (Hebrew 3:15), and to know that a Christian life never stops and must be walked out to its fullest..........24/7

The reconstruction of our purpose

- Holding each one responsible for his actions

- Focus in on God, living for God, being full of the Holy Spirit

- Spiritual Growth

- Spiritual Walking Out

- To be able to lift each other up

- Men of standard

 -Spiritual break-thru

- More encounters with God and the Holy Spirit

- A cry and desire for holiness

- Dying to oneself

- A desire to win  souls for Christ

- A daily evaluated walk

- Continual brokeness for God

- A desire to have intimate moments with Christ daily



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