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In order to get rid of sin you must keep talking about it and nailing it to the cross!


If you want to be a follower of Christ you must first deny yourself, and pick up your cross daily!

Daily the Lord is wanting to purify His bride, to be Holy and acceptable.
In Isiah 6:6, the Lord began to prepare the prophet Isiah to go out, but he had to be cleansed of his sins; so one of the seraphims flew over Isiah and touched his lips with burning coal.
God was purifying and cleansing Isiah so that he could be sent out to do the father's will.

Daily you must allow the Lord to cleanse and purify you. The purifying of yourself prepares you for what the Lord has destined for you.

    You shoud make this apart of your daily walk so the the Lord can manifest His glory and power in you.

What has the Lord revealed to you, from your past? What are things that you know that you are dealing with? State those things, ask the Lord to forgive you for them, and then allow the Lord to bring you out of it, unless He already has. Then the Lord will begin to purify you and prepare you for what's next in your walk in Him.

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